Bake Keto Magic Cookie Bars for Santa!


keto magic cookie bars
[Cuz maybe Santa Claus needs to watch his carbs this year...]
Magic Cookie Bars are a magical treat that my Nana used to make for me every year around Christmas time. Her version was true to the recipe that I believe was made popular by Eagle-brand sweetened condensed milk, which, of course, used a lot of that stuff, as well as many other sugar-laden ingredients such as graham crackers, butterscotch chips, and sweetened shredded coconut. This one, thank goodness, is keto-friendly and far, far, far lower in sugar, meaning you can have two or three and still enjoy your holiday, care-free.



•11.5 oz. bag of K.O. Krunch Double Chocolate Chip
•1/4 cup of unsalted butter


•1/3 cup walnuts
•1/3 cup pecans
•1/4 cup @Lilys semi-sweet chocolate chips
•1/4 cup @Lilys white chocolate or butterscotch chips
•1 recipe keto sweetened condensed milk:
           •1 1/2 cups of heavy cream
           •1/2 cup powdered erythritol
           •2 tbsp. butter
           •1/2 tsp xantham gum


•One 10 oz. bag of Gra-POW! Salted Caramel Brownie
(see instructions below)


1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Empty bag of Gra-POW! S.C.B. into a medium sized mixing bowl. Remove larger cookie chunks & place into a food processor.
2. Empty bag of K.O. Krunch D.C.C. into same food processor. Add melted butter & pulverize.
3. Press crust into a 9x9 inch brownie pan. Bake for 15 mins.
4. Remove crust from oven & set aside; set oven temp to 350°F.
Filling, part 1:
1. Take med. mixing bowl w/ the remaining Gra-POW!; add pecans & walnuts. 
**Optional for toastier treats: pour mixture onto a toaster oven pan & toast for 5 mins. Pour back into mixing bowl.
KETO Sweetended Condensed Milk: 
1. In a medium saucepan, heat heavy cream until boiling, then simmer for 20 mins, stirring every few mins. Add erythritol & butter, remove pan from heat, then whisk until smooth. Add xantham gum and whisk vigorously until smooth.
Filling, part 2:
1. Poor all of the sweetened condensed milk into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Add Lily's or another sugar-free brand of semi-sweet & white chocolate chips. Combine.
1. Poor contents of medium mixing bowl onto cooled crust, spreading the mixture across the crust with a spatula until evenly distributed.
2. Place 9x9 inch pan back into the oven for another 20-25 minutes, or until edges are golden brown. 
3. Remove from oven, allow 30-60 mins to cool or place into refrigerator, serve & enjoy!
Ooooeeeyyy gooeyyyy.
bite of magic cookie bar
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